Happy 3rd Birthday, Quint!






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Well, I’m about a week behind this year but this is probably going to be my new norm for the foreseeable future! We spent his actual birthday (Feb 24) visiting the PGA tour event that was in town (The Honda Classic) and were able to give him an insiders look at a few different club brands tour trucks. I didn’t really have high expectations but wow, was it incredible to see what they have been able to do by transforming semi trailers into golf club repair shops. The Tailor Made truck was by far the most impressive of the group with an entire second level that they created by expanding the top of the trailer using hydraulics.

We had his birthday dinner at The Italian Restaurant at The Breakers, which is extremely kid friendly with a play room and arcade in the building. He initially requested Chuck-E-Cheese when we asked him where he wanted to celebrate, but thankfully he happily accepted my alternate suggestion of The Breakers where he could still eat pizza and play arcade games…and Dwight and I could enjoy a good meal too. Hey, its also my BIRTH day, too!


Quint is such a fun little kid. He is curious and keeps me on my toes…utterly exhausting me some days, but he is also such a sweet hearted boy. He still loves for me to hold him, rock him and will cuddle with whoever will cozy up with him.

He is still golf obsessed and prefers to spend all of his time outside digging in the dirt or riding his bike. Some highlights from his second year were expanding his vocabulary, having his first surgical procedure of removing the cyst above his eye, going to Pine Cove and several fun day trips to Disney World.

As always, I’ve compiled a short little *highlight reel of his second year and I think you’ll get a pretty good idea of his fun-loving, jovial personality from this little 3 minute video.

*If you are wanting to make these videos for yourself, I have a detailed blogpost that gives step by step instructions on how to do it right on your phone.

Happy Birthday, sweet boy! I can’t wait to see you assume your new role as a big brother this year, begin preschool and probably try out some new sports. We love you so very much and are SO thankful for your life!

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