Maternity + Overalls = BUMPeralls


“Nice bumperalls” were my husbands exact words when he walked in the door and saw my newest clothing find. I was fully expecting him to razz me about them but he later told me he did in fact like them on me so HA! Don’t hate on my bumerall game!

This pair of overalls is my first true maternity purchase this pregnancy. Everything else has been non-maternity so far and honestly, I prefer it that way but these overalls just really drew me in on the website. I’m so glad I got them because they are super comfy and I can easily get them on and off, which is key because ain’t nobody got time to deal with difficult clothing when you are a pregnant lady and need to go to the bathroom in a hurry! My t-shirt is also maternity and comes in several colors and is a really nice fit. I know the majority of you are not pregnant right now so I’ve found some non-maternity options as well that I’ve linked below.

more overall options

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