Weekly Snapshot 8/23/19


  • It was a big transitional week in our world as Sutton began preschool. I have kept her home up until this point so even though its just preschool, it felt like closing a chapter on the toddler years of her life. I’m thankful that she typically transitions well into new places and she has been looking forward to starting school now for months. The first day was so sweet and she went right into her class with no problems. I did begin to tear up a bit but thankfully ran into a friend and got my mind off of it. I can remember crying the first time I put her in the church nursery and I guess this is just par for the course as it pertains to slowly letting our kids go…its hard!

  • Sutton’s dress. Runs small, I sized up to a 6 and she is 4 y/o

  • I was so exhausted this week…which is strange because I was down one child for half of every day, but I think it was due to a combination of adjusting to a new routine as well as having to get up and going in the mornings. We have always had pretty slow, leisurely paced mornings with the exception of a few days here and there. I’m sure I’ll adjust!

  • This La Colombe Vanilla Draft Latte is a favorite and did help curb my fatigue this week 🙂



  • And speaking of being down 1 child in the mornings, Quint and I have also begun a new routine of figuring out what the heck to do with our time with big sister?!? She’s in school for 3 hours and its not really long enough to do anything significant so we’ve been bouncing back and forth between the library and the grocery stores. Needless to say, he is enjoying his daily free cookie 😉

  • We did run into J Crew Factory together and I tried on some fun pieces. I made a whole post on it that you can read about here.

  • I ordered this dress and can’t wait for it to come in. I think it will be super fun to style a variety of different ways…and its really affordable!

  • My friend Lindsey created a wonderful blog about healthy lunch ideas to pack for your kids. I found it to be helpful and a good starting place in just having a nice visual guide as to how to feed your kids in a balanced. way.

J Crew Factory Top // Pants

J Crew Factory Top // Pants


  • It was a tough week with the house as we discovered that there were major electrical issues due to mistakes from our first contractor/electrician. I haven’t shared a whole lot of the details of what exactly we’ve walked through these past few months with the house, but it hasn’t been easy. You can see in the photo where pieces of dry wall in the kitchen were removed to fix numerous wiring issues (i.e. more time and money)…I don’t think we will ever willingly take on a project this large again and I am just so ready for all of this to be behind us and actually live in the house.

  • I did some swatch testing for paint colors this week and had the hardest time making a decision. I ended up going with The Right White by Restoration Hardware (there is no swatch test but it’s what our exterior is painted) for most of the rooms in the house along with Benjamin Moore’s Pale Oak for a few bedrooms and Benjamin Moore Bachelor Blue for the office. To be honest, I am still questioning my decisions with it all but we are moving forward and just going with it.

  • I have been listening to the new Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors album on repeat and I enjoyed this podcast conversation with the artist

Living Room Swatches (top to bottom):BM Pale Oak, BM White Dove, BM Swiss Coffee

Living Room Swatches (top to bottom):

BM Pale Oak, BM White Dove, BM Swiss Coffee

Sutton’s Room (L to R):BM White Dove, BM Opal, BM Cream Puff

Sutton’s Room (L to R):

BM White Dove, BM Opal, BM Cream Puff

Office (T to B): BM Van Deusen Blue, BM Bachelor Blue

Office (T to B): BM Van Deusen Blue, BM Bachelor Blue


  • I kept dinners SUPER simple this week and made my favorite lemon butter chicken thighs, sausage and veggie bowls, beef nachos and chopped up veggies with hummus, pita bread and meatballs (all from Trader Joe’s). The kids thought it was so fun to put the leftover cucumbers on their eyes during bath time!

  • I can’t wait for the Downton Abbey movie to come out! I already bought my tickets (a month in advance!) because I don’t want to risk it selling out since its only in theatre’s for such a short time.

  • The kids have recently both really enjoyed watching the show Super Wings. Its kind of like Transformers meets Where in the World is Carmen San Diego. Its not a new show, but its new to us and one that I actually enjoy sitting down with them to watch. I like seeing all the different places around the world they travel to!

  • I created a Leopard Style Board with lots of great pieces to choose from.


I am most excited about a date night this weekend with Dwight. I’m already planning what I want to eat at our favorite date night place.


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