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Alright, let me tell you a little secret about me:

I’m not naturally a planner.

I never really realized this about myself, until I married a guy who is very much a planner. For our second anniversary trip, I suggested that we take a trip to Southern California with no plans.

No hotels.

No advance tickets to attractions/sights.

Literally just book a plane ticket, use hotel tonight and see where the cool California breeze takes us…

and because my husband loves me…he went along with it!

Just as I assured him, we never once had to sleep in our rental car and we had no lack of things to do each day.


we have never taken a similar trip since. (maybe no surprise there)

turns out its really NOT the best way to travel….or live, haha. Adding children into the mix plus being married to said planner has more or less forced me to become a more organized and scheduled person.

I have used the calendar app on my phone for years now, but with technology can come room for errors like notifications not pinging but there is also just something about manually writing something down.

Enter: The Simplified Planner.

They pride themselves on being a planner for the non-planners (aka me) and I must say…they live up their name. Simplified has truly made it simple for me to stay organized. A few features that I particularly appreciate about the way the Simplified Planner is laid out is:

  • The hourly schedule. This is huge for me because since I’m not only managing my own time, but also my kids, I need to know pretty much what the entire day looks like in order to stay on time and on task.

  • The pocket inside the front cover. We all have the random pieces of loose paper that find their way into our cars/homes/purses and It is really nice to have a designated spot for them.

  • Its just pretty to look at! Honestly, this is a must have for me. If I am going to carry something around with me at all times, I want it to visually beautiful and the Simplified Planner is just that. They have so many different prints and colors to choose from that you can certainly find one that most represents your person style. I went with the Dainty Dogwood because of its beautiful light blue color and dogwoods remind me of where I grew up in East Texas where we had dogwood trees that bloomed every spring.

  • The pages are thick and feel super luxurious and there are plenty of stickers to add emphasis to events or just to be creative with

The 2022 Simplified Planners are available now and come in daily weekly or monthly options. You choose what works best for you! The daily and weekly planners also come with monthly coaching videos from Emily Ley (Simplified founder!) so you can utilize your planner at its maximum potential.

And for those of you who, no matter how hard you try, will just never be a physical planner user, you can still check out their beautiful array of notepads, journals notebooks, pens and other accessories that make for perfect gifts.

Use my code TEXAFLORA for 20% off your purchase (expires on November 13, 2021.)

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