My Newborn Necessities

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I am just shy of 6 weeks into life with our third baby and I thought I would share a few of my favorite items that I’ve enjoyed using this go around and with our previous two newborns. Most of these have been favorites with each child but there are a few new things I’ve added.

aden & anais burpy bibs

I have these all over our house and I love that they are designed to be an over-the-shoulder burp cloth as well as a bib for baby. The little snap secures it around baby’s neck so you can fasten it on them after feeding and hold it in front of their face, ready to catch any spit up. The material is also super soft so it’s nice and gentle on baby’s skin.

water wipes

Each one of our kid’s have been really sensitive to any wipes other than these as newborns. Because of the very frequnet diaper changes, their little bums can get a diaper rash really easily so a really gentle wipe has been essential for us. These wipes have continued to be our go to for the early weeks with their simple ingredients of just water and a super soft wipe.

puj baby tub

There is nothing sweeter than a little baby in a sink bath and we love the Puj tub. All three of our kids have used it and it has held up well these last 5 years. I love that it doesn’t take up much room since it unfolds flat and the material is super soft and squishy to keep that fresh new baby comfy. I linked the travel version below as well.

boppy lounger

This is basically a contoured pillow that you can easily move throughout the house as a place to comfortably set down the baby. The handle makes it easy to carry in one hand while you have the baby in the other. You can wash the entire pillow or just throw a blanket over it but I’ve also linked some covers in case you would prefer to have that as an easy way to wash.


hand mittens

Our sweet babies come into the world with straight up TALONS on their little hands and if you are like me, the thought of attempting to cut their little nails with clippers feels like performing surgery…so the alternative option is to keep their hands covered. These mittens are the only ones I could get to stay on my kid’s hands and I think its largely in part because of the velcro strap you secure around their wrists. Sock are also so hard to keep on and while I haven’t tried the bootie version of the mittens, I’ve included them below as well.

gowns with mitts

Between the constant diaper changes and razor sharp nail situation, my favorite clothing item for newborns are gowns with built in mitts. My favorite brand is Kissy Kissy as their ultra soft pima cotton material and sweet fabric patterns makes for a perfectly adorable and cuddly baby.


swaddle/sleep aid

Oofta. Just because I am a third time mom doesn’t mean that I know what each baby needs in order to best sleep…and this third child has kept me guessing these first few weeks when it comes to sleep aids. Both of my older two used and loved the miracle blanket, but after the third night of Griffin screaming bloody murder when I would wrap him up in it, I just assumed he was anti-swaddle. So I moved him into the magic sleep suit, which was honestly too big for him, but it still seemed to work in keeping his startle reflex muffled while allowing him to keep his arms stretched out. Well, for about two weeks, he was waking up every 1-2 hours and I was TIRED. My good friend let me borrow the Sleepea swaddle that she said her third baby loved (its the swaddle that is used with the SNOO) so at 3 AM out of pure desperation to sleep, I put him in the swaddle (I assumed he would hate) and he almost immediately fell asleep. We’ve been using this swaddle almost a week now and its honestly so cute to see him zone out and quickly fall asleep each night when I zip him up in it.

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