Sutton’s Ballet Recital







This was Sutton’s second year of ballet and her first year at a new studio. I absolutely loved the way this studio does their recitals as we got to have a whole hour of watching just her class instead of sitting through a 2 hour performance and only seeing her on stage for 3 minutes. It was very relaxed (thank goodness because Quint was all over the place) and we were able to see a demonstration of a typical class and then their piece they had been practicing. I giggled throughout most of the performance because everything was so darn CUTE! Be sure to watch the part of the video when they are holding hands in a circle and come to the center and say “hello friends!”

Her little skips, tip-toeing and attempts to leap were just precious. I teared up at the very beginning just watching her walk out into the room. She didn’t have to do a single move and I was just so very proud of her. Proud of the little girl that she is and that she is becoming.

Sutty girl, we love you so. May your heart be just as beautiful as your dancing.

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