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Pine Cove Chimney Point has such a special place in our hearts. This was our second year to go to family camp and it has officially sealed its place as our favorite week of the year. I found myself sitting on the back porch of our cabin and just wishing that the week could last forever. The rest, rejuvenation, fun, spiritual focus and just special time as a family cant be replicated in many other places quite like it can at Pine Cove. My kids are loved and cared for by college students who are happy to be with them from the moment they wake up until their little heads hit the pillow and Dwight and I get prolonged, uninterrupted time together. I wrote a lengthy post all about the details of Pine Cove last year you can read about here, so this year, I thought I’d just share a few of my favorites highlights from our 2019 summer at Chimney Point.

  • Having our best flight yet with both kids! This was our first time flying with Quint in his own seat now that he is 2 and he did so well! I actually got to read a book which hasn’t happened on a flight with our kids…well, EVER!

  • Seeing my kids at a distance enjoying their activities in their own cute little way.

  • Getting to hug and catch up with so many wonderful families and counselors that we developed friendships with last year.

  • Really chilly mornings and evenings. I am convinced we have the best weather the week we go. Last year we had nice days and cool evenings too and it is just so refreshing to wake up on the lake with the rolling hills in the background and needing to put on a sweatshirt before going to breakfast.

  • Having morning family devotionals together. We do this most mornings but Dwight is usually already gone for the day so I loved that he got to lead these with us at camp. Sutton being 4 allowed her to really engage with the content this year and Quint still wasn’t quite there yet but enjoyed jumping off the table repeatedly 😉

  • Catching up on some sleep while the counselors got my kids up and ready for the day. ALLLLL the praise hands!

  • Holding Quint while Dwight held Sutton during family worship time. Since our kids are always in the nursery when we go to church, it was so sweet to be able to all sing together. I couldn’t stop kissing their little heads and thanking God for giving them to us as our kids.

  • Getting to know new friends and have uninterrupted adult conversations. I really think this is one of the most underrated aspects about family camp, since its not the most obvious, but I really think it’s one of my favorite parts. Just the informal, casual conversations with the other parents there that get to happen during our free time.

  • The lightning bugs that come out every night. My kids love looking for them and it just makes it feel magical there.

  • Dressing up in costumes with my family. It’s like halloween three times in one week and my kids love it! This week we had a space theme, pajama night and monochromatic.

  • Seeing two father’s baptize their kids in the lake.

  • watching quint go down the water slide over and over again…and then utterly inhale soft serve ice cream cones. I didn’t even care that it was running all down his face and chest because he was enjoying it so much!

Lastly, enjoy our highlight video from the week. You’ll see a few spotting of my cuties sprinkled throughout it 🙂

Needless to say, I am such a fan of family camp and we are already counting down the days again until next summer. We love you Pine Cove Chimney Point!

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