Harry Josh Pro Tools Pro Hair Dryer 2000 Review

Like most women, washing and drying your hair is a dreaded task. I typically only wash my hair once, maybe twice a week for this very reason…but now I am WAY more eager to do this than ever before.

My Hot Tools dryer had been giving me some trouble so I have been wanting a new hair dryer for a while now and always loved using my mom’s Babyliss Pro when I am in Texas visiting them. So for my birthday, my parents offered to get me a new dryer. I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted and honestly thought getting a high end hair dryer was a little unnecessary because, how much of a difference can a hair dryer actually make? (spoiler alert….a lot!)

My mom actually stumbled across the Harry Josh Pro Tools Pro dryer and asked if I’d want that one. I had never even heard of the brand before then so I started doing some research and quickly realized that this was indeed an amazing dryer. Harry Josh, the creator of the dryer, has had the privilege of styling many celebrities hair so if Gisele trust him with her hair…I could get on board with that! Ha! I was also finding a lot of comparison’s to the Dyson but many hair stylists reviews claimed that this one was superior to the highly acclaimed Dyson.

Here are a few of the key features of the Pro 2000 dryer

  • Lightweight, ergonomic design with a patented curved handle for added comfort and control

  • Most powerful dryer in its class – long life A/C motor lasts 2,000 hours and blows hair dry more than 60% faster than leading competition (If you use it 20 min a day, it will last you 15 years!)

  • Dual filtration system reduces energy use by 70%

  • Innovative dual functionality ION switch for sleek or volume styling (If you have more textured hair, this can allow you to smooth it out more effectively. Since my hair is straight, i don’t use the ion switch since I want the added texture/volume)

  • Extra-wide nozzle increases air flow for smoother styling

  • 8 Heat, Speed and Ion settings for maximum styling versatility

  • Cold shot button for the finishing touches (I LOVE this feature! Definitely helps the curl set)

  • Professional-length 9′ cord

I’ve waited to write this post until I used it 3 times and felt I could give a really good review so here are my thoughts!

The day I received it in the mail, I eagerly awaited bedtime that night so I could wash and dry my hair! It’s a beautiful dryer and feels almost like a retro item with its mint green color. The dryer is definitely lightweight and the extra long cord is really convenient. I also read that it’s handmade in France…so thats fancy!

I started by drying all over my head to get a lot of the moisture out and then went back and sectioned my hair to begin blowing it out with a round brush. One of the first things I noticed is I didn’t have to go back over the pieces I was drying over and over. Once or twice was sufficient to dry the hair and I loved that I could use the cool shot button to seal in the curl on the end. The dryer was super powerful, yet the nozzle allowed it to be really concentrated on the section of hair I was working on.

It took me 13 minutes to dry my hair while using a round brush. It would be even faster if I wasn’t using a brush to create a “blow out” look but I figured this dryer was mean to perform at a higher level than purely just drying hair so I wanted to use it for that capability. I should also note that my hair texture is fine, but I have a LOT of hair. It can become easily tangled and most of the time after drying my hair, the ends look dried out like a broomstick and I feel like I need to curl my hair in order to give it some sort of style. But let’s just say my hair looked the exact OPPOSITE of that after using this new dryer.

immediately after finishing drying. Pardon my dirty mirror. Why is it you don’t notice how dirty it is until you see it in photos!

immediately after finishing drying. Pardon my dirty mirror. Why is it you don’t notice how dirty it is until you see it in photos!

After I finished, I could not believe how shiny, bouncy and just overall healthy my hair felt! I dry my hair at night so I was nervous as to how it would look the next morning after sleeping on it but much to my surprise, I didn’t even need to brush through it. It still had the same shine and bounce it did the night before.

This is definitely an investment piece but it is meant to last forever and Dermstore carries their products and often runs sales so keep an eye out if you want to wait to get it at a discounted price.