Quint’s 2nd Birthday

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Before we had kids, I felt like I would be a great girl mom. I love all things girly and feminine and growing up without a sister, I could envision my own little tribe of hair bow-adorned besties. When we found out Quint was a boy, I can remember thinking “a boy? i don’t know what to do with boys!” Dwight was of course beyond thrilled to have a future golf buddy and balance out the estrogen in the house….but I was admittedly nervous.

These past two years have been filled with lots of “vroom vrooms”, skinned knees, pee spraying all over the walls (ha!) and me saying “Quint, NO!” on repeat. But it has also been full of the sweetest hugs, snuggles and little boy love than I could have ever dreamed.

Some of my favorite things about Quint at this age are:

The way he tucks his arms underneath him when he’s sleepy.

His heavy eyes looking up at me saying “mommy, pway cars wid me”

Watching him move non-stop all around our house. Literally, he never stops and is always getting into anything and everything he shouldn’t. He is my real life Curious George.

The way his little legs move so so fast when he runs which makes his over-sized cheeks jiggle with accompanying “wuhwuhwuhwuhwuhwuhwuhwuh” noises (you’d have to hear it for yourself to really get the full picture 😉

The sound he makes when he tries to blow kisses. He never takes his hand off his mouth so it just sounds like a fish sucking on the side of a tank.

How he repeats ev.er.ry.thing his older sister says. If shes doing it, he’s doing it. If she wants cheese, he wants cheese. If she wants to be princess elsa, he wants to be princess elsa too.

How he asks alexa to play Shiny all the time “Wexa! Pway Shiny!” or how he loves the song “My Sherona” and runs around the house yelling “MY MY MY MY RONA!”

He still will eat beets like candy. I consider this my greatest parenting victory thus far since my kids still prefer to protest most dinners I make. I’m believing they’ll eat vegetables one day and be well adjusted citizens.

And I don’t know if Quint will ever read my blog one day but if he does, I want him to know that he brings me so much joy and love in my life. Every morning I get to pick you up out of your crib makes me so happy (even if its a stinky morning!) and you constantly keep me smiling and laughing. My prayer for you is that you would become a brave, wise and humble man that loves the Lord and chooses to follow Him. You have an amazing dad to model after as to what a godly man looks like and there is nothing you can do to make your dad or I love you less.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Quintster. You make my life fun 🙂

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