Our Day at the Bedner’s Farm Strawberry Patch





boots // hat

boots // hat

This was our second year visiting Bedner’s Farm in Boynton Beach to pick strawberries during their peak season. Last year consisted mostly of consuming them right off the vine but this year, the kids did a much better job of sticking to the picking and waiting to eat them after they were washed and paid for 😉

We went on a Monday (two weeks in a row) and practically had the entire place to ourselves! There are so many great little photo opp’s that they’ve set up throughout the farm where kids can stick their face in the whole of a strawberry or corn stalk. They also have a location where you can milk a (fake) cow and pump water.

You pay for what you pick and both weeks we took home around just under $20 in strawberries. I don’t know the exact amount we picked but it filled up a gallon sized ziplock bag so I have to think its cheaper than buying them at the grocery store.

This is such a fun activity to do with your kids to get them outside and participating in an activity they typically wouldn’t get to do.