A Letter To Sutton On Your 3rd Birthday

When I look at that first photo of myself holding you in the hospital that May 19th day at 3:09 PM, I can’t help but feel the magnitude of the love I had for you in that moment wash over me again. And yet at the same time, my love for you had only just begun. We were basically strangers in those first days/months as I learned my new role as a mother and you got aquatinted with the world. You were such a dream baby…so happy and rarely cried. You truly broke me into motherhood so easily (probably too easily, but your brother made up for lost time when he came on the scene, ha!) I loved our almost two years we had with just the two of us and will always cherish those days where it was just you and me. 

You have been so patient in my many shortcomings this year as you transitioned from being my only baby to sharing my love and attention with your little brother…even though you firmly told me “no brother” the day we brought him home to the hospital. Your willingness to go with the flow and adjust to our new normal when Quint joined our family is something you won’t understand until the day you become a mommy yourself but I can’t thank you enough for your sweet attitude during that time. The two of you have recently begun playing together and it brings my heart so much joy to hear the two of you laughing.  Our hope is that you will be close friends throughout your lives.

This year you enjoyed participating in the children’s program at BSF, Puggles at Awana, and ballet. Each new activity you approached with joy and excitement and I am so proud of all you have learned. You love to sing, listen to music, play dress up and ask many questions about pretty much everything! You love being with people and spending time with your friends. It’s hard to get you to eat a lot of food these days…but you love bread, cheese and of course anything that is sweet! (I can’t say I blame you about your food preferences, though!) I love spending my days with you and cherish all these little moments at home like reading the Jesus Storybook Bible during breakfast, watching you groggily walk into the living room after your nap and having you “help” me during dinner prep. 

Although I have watched your baby-ness fade away this year, I am so excited for what is ahead of you as you transition into being a little girl. Our prayer for you is that you would be kind, joyful and inclusive and most importantly that you would trust in Jesus as your savior. We are so grateful God gave us you and are so hopeful for what this next year will hold for you. 

We love you Sweet Sutty and always will.