“The boys are both asleep”


A simple text i sent yesterday made me stop in my tracks as it was the first time I acknowledged the fact that I literally have two sons. Griffin has exclusively been referred to as “the baby” and typing out those words somewhat took me by surprise. I’m a mom of BOYS.

I always knew i wanted to be a mom…but I honestly envisioned it being surrounded by girls. I know girls. I am one. Boys on the other hand…well, let’s just say having a 3 year old boy has…challenged me

I literally told Dwight “i don’t know what is wrong with him…it’s like I’m living with a wild animal who I have to keep from killing himself or burning the house down every day” He laughed and of course responded with exactly what I’m sure you all are thinking now…”he’s just a boy, Blaire

I started listening to the book “Wild Thingsby Stephen James and David Thomas last night as I took long bath (it had been a DAY) and just shook my head and laughed as the author described 2-4 year old boys. “Explorers,” as he calls them are active, curious, physical and need space to do their exploring. He was literally describing my busy rascal boy to a T and It gave me so much clarity and empathy for my little guy. And I cant wait for the 5-8 year old age that he calls as the “lover” stage

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