Weezie Beach Towels








My very favorite towel company just launched their collection of beach towels and I am just so pleased with them! They are the same soft, fluffy texture as their bath towels with the beautiful piping detail along the edges but the best part about them is they are JUMBO sized! I’ve always been so frustrated with beach towels that don’t cover the entire chair and this towel meets all of my desires when it comes to that. Plus, they fully and comfortably accommodate my rather large 37 week pregnant as seen here 😉

I chose the blue and white stripe with green embroidery in the river font as I love that classic color combo but they also make them in the sunniest shade of yellow as well. These would make a wonderful gift for a friend, mom or just a little treat for yourself if you spend a lot of time at the pool or the beach in the summertime. They are offering their beach towel bundle pack as a special offer which allows you to buy 4 towels at 15% off.

You can see the collection by visiting their website.

Happy Summer!

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