Weekly Snapshot 9/20/19

So, I missed the past two weeks with my weekly snapshot! We were in Texas fleeing the hurricane two weeks ago and I honestly can’t remember what my excuse was for last week! Regardless, its hard to believe we are already nearing the end of September!

Here’s a few highlights from this past week (eh, three-ish weeks 😉

Floors installed in the office (wall color BM Van Deusen Blue)

Floors installed in the office (wall color BM Van Deusen Blue)

  • Floors are getting installed in the house! As much as we wanted real wood, it wasn’t in our budget and quite frankly, tile or a faux wood product works much better in our wet, humid climate. We went with a vinyl plank that has a pad underneath it and honestly when I saw the sample, I couldn’t believe it wasn’t real wood. Now here’s a bit of honesty here: when the installer finished the first room…I didn’t like it. Ugh. It was (in my own words) “too knotty and rustic” looking and I didn’t realize the amount of variation it would have based on the one plank I saw as the sample when I selected them. Dwight agreed with me but at this point, we had already purchased the product and didn’t have the time or resources to go a different direction…but would you believe we went back over to the house the next day and both decided we actually DID really like it! I think God changed our hearts (or gave us fresh eyeballs to see them with, ha). I think it will look great once we get rugs and furniture in the room. This is the type of stuff that makes home renovation maddening and sheds years off your life. I literally woke up in the middle of the night worried about those floors….ridiculous.

  • I finished this book last week and really enjoyed it. I also wrote a blogpost on all the books I’ve read this year so far.

  • I’ve been on a wash it-wear it again cycle with this dress. I am fully embracing the mumu trend with zero shame.

  • Like most millennials, I drink sparkling flavored water. But recently I’ve been choosing club soda over ice with a squeeze of lime. So good and refreshing. Put it in a wine glass at 5 PM if you need to have your own little bit of fancy in your life.

dress by Shop Lilyanne

dress by Shop Lilyanne

  • I love this off the shoulder ruffle tiered leopard print dress from Shop Lilyanne. So comfortable and a great price point.

  • Kitchen and bathroom cabinets will be installed at the house next week and I finally made a decision on what materials I wanted to use for our countertops. As much as I love the look of marble and was willing to let it show its natural patina that comes with use and accidents…I ultimately didn’t want to be the “marble monster” and freak out at my kids for spilling orange juice or something else since we will be eating at the island most of the time. We’re going with quartz (Pompeii quartz in Carrara) in the kitchen and honed Carrara marble in the bathroom. I never want our home to feel “unlivable” and the marble just ultimately made me feel more on edge.


  • I posted a blog about different ways to tie a scarf that includes a little instructional video you may enjoy watching.

  • I’m on the lookout for a great pair of cropped pants for the fall. I really like these but am hoping to find some at a better price point.



  • After our trip to Vail in August, I’ve been looking for a wool moutain-y hat and this one from Target was exactly what I was hoping for.

  • Quint has his 3 month post-operative appointment to check out his eye and everything was perfect. We are so thankful to have all of that behind us and there should be little chance of the cyst returning. Plus he is a super cute patient 🙂


We are off to Georgia for my husbands grandfather’s 97th birthday today. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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