Weekly Snapshot 8/16/19

It’s Friday! I want to try out a new weekly blogpost that basically summarizes our week and anything I shared on my instastory that you may have missed. I tend to post the most there and I know not everyone watches them so hopefully this weekly snapshot can be a place where you can catch up on the highlights from the week.

So …here goes volume 1 of my weekly snapshot!

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  • After being out of town for most of July and early August, it was nice to just spend this entire week at home. We didn’t do anything fancy and I loved being back in the kitchen for dinner. This week we had baked spaghetti and meatloaf with roasted veggies to accompany both dishes. Have you tried the les petite carrots from Trader Joes? They are so delicious roasted and make for a pretty presentation too with all the various colors.

  • We went to a surprise party for my mother in law on Tuesday and the kids got some bubbles there that were the biggest hit of the week. It really is the simple things. As I watched them enjoy blowing bubbles in the afternoon sun, it really just hit me how special this time in our life is. I took a snapshot in my heart.

  • I really loved listening to this song this week. I am always a fan of a good cover, especially when it’s slowed down or done acoustic style.


  • Sutton starts school on Monday so we made a Target run to get her supplies. I saw this turtleneck dress (for $22!) and had to try it on. It comes in several other fall inspired colors and I think it works great for these hot months with platform wedges and will transition well into cooler months with booties and a jacket. It’s pretty figure hugging so I suggest sizing up unless you like a more fitted look.

  • I shared a style board on LoveShackFancy look a likes at budget friendly price points.

  • I am still potty training Quint. We have begun to venture out of the house in underwear but Wednesday was a rough day with two accidents (one in his carseat…yikes). Pray for us! ha!

  • It was a heavy week because a friend of ours that we attend Pine Cove with suddenly passed away. She was 34 and had three kids under 7. I prayed all day Wednesday for her, begging God to heal her body, only to find out later that day that she had died. If I’m honest, I really struggle to see God in these awful things but I am choosing to believe Romans 8:28 for that sweet family and just begging Him to be near to them in this brokenhearted time. Would you pray for the Wallace family?


  • I had BSF retreat last Saturday and it was a wonderful gathering to prepare for this year’s upcoming study of Acts. I was given this book by my kids BSF leader last year and think it is one of the best resources for explaining the Trinity and the gospel in a way for kids to really grasp. It’s also available on youtube if your kids get tired of hearing your voice 😉

  • I made Magnolia Table’s banana bread this week after the kids went to bed and it was a nice treat to end the day with. It’s also made for an easy breakfast!


  • I also finished Season 3 of Stranger Things this week and LOVED it. It was definitely my favorite season yet.

  • This pearl hair clip was something I picked up during our trip in Scotland and I have really enjoyed incorporating it into my outfits for a little whimsical touch. You can order it online and here is another one that is similar.

  • During a quick run into Hobby Lobby, we discovered they already have all their Christmas decor out. It really does come sooner and sooner every year. The kids LOVED it though so that helped temper my frustration about it 🙂

  • This coral/red lipstick made an appearance this week too and I really think Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments can do no wrong.

  • We are officially in the part of our home project where I am making a million little decisions. My eyes are crossing and I feel like I am second guessing everything I choose. I’m a pretty decisive person but I 10000% understand why people hire interior designers to handle this part of the project for them. The latest challenge has been the lighting in our master bathroom but I think I am going to go with these double sconces mounted as overhead lighting. Crossing my fingers it looks good!

This weekend will be the first one at home with nothing on the agenda that we’ve had in weeks. I’m looking forward to spending time with our family with no where specific to be. I hope you have a restful weekend, too!


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