My Everyday Makeup Routine


I am always experimenting with different makeup and skincare items but my daily makeup routine remains pretty consistent with items that I have been using for years still strongly holding their place. I really believe in the quality and value of the items I currently use so I can confidently share that each of these items are worth the investment and perform well. I wear makeup most days and applying these products I am sharing below take me about 5-7 minutes. I know many moms say they don’t have time so hopefully this is helpful for those that feel like putting on a semi-full face takes too long. *Note: I don’t think you NEED to wear make up everyday. I enjoy applying makeup so it doesn’t feel like a chore to me but I certainly don’t think women have to wear it!


I’ll start by talking about my skin type as that really does contribute to the kinds of products I use. I’m 31 with two small children (i.e. i am tired most days!), fair skinned and I spent too many years in a tanning bed as a teenager. My skin is normal to dry and I struggle with hyper pigmentation, acne scarring (and active acne) and fine lines.

Before I apply my makeup, I wipe my face with micellar water on a cotton pad, press a few drops of the Obagi vitamin C serum into my skin/neck into my damp skin and finish with a moisturizer with sunscreen.


I used to only wear the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer in shade nude as my face makeup but realized I needed something more to help cover my sun spots/hyper-pigmentation. I introduced the IT Cosmetics CC Cream in shade light this last year and really love how well this products truly does color correct (which is what the CC stands for). I personally don’t like to use the CC cream exclusively as I feel it looks a little too cakey on me with a medium to full coverage finish, so I mix about half a pump with my LM tinted moisturizer which is the perfect concoction for me. Sometimes I’ll even just use it over certain spots where my hyper pigmentation is the most noticeable like my forehead and just blend it in really well. Most of the time I use a damp beauty blender to apply it but sometimes I’m lazy or running late and just use my fingers.


Next I add my under eye concealer, Tarte’s Shape Tape in shade light with a damp beauty blender or my fingers. If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know how much I love this stuff. Ive heard a few people complain that its too drying or has a tendency to settle into fine lines but in my humble opinion, I really think you can’t find a better performing concealer on the market. A good under eye primer (I use Becca’s Anti Fatigue under eye primer) can help with the dryness. I’ll even add the Becca primer on top of my concealer laster in the day if I need to freshen up a bit. It helps smooth out any lines that have settled and brings back some moisture.



Next up, blush. NARS orgasm has been in my makeup bag for almost 10 years now. It’s hyped up for good reason and I love the subtle warm glow it leaves. I recently bought the Too Faced Peach Perfect bronzer but still find myself using the Nars blush most days. As for my bluish brush, its from Target and old as the hills. I’m not a snob when it comes to makeup brushes so I say just use whatever works well for you.


I rarely wear eyeshadow ( i have hooded eyes and it just doesn’t do as much for me) but on the rare day that I feel like adding it in, I use the Urban Decay Naked pallete.


Hourglass Arch in warm brunette has been in my bag for about 4 years now. Ive used the Anastasia brow wiz in the past but found myself having to buy a replacement too often so I wanted to get something that would last me longer (I repurchase the Hourglass arch about 2-3 times a year.) It glides on really well and I love that it has the spooly thing on the other end to help brush the product through your brows. The actual tip of the pencil it pretty wide (about the size of a flat tip permanent markers) so its not the most precise pencil if you are wanting to create brush strokes that look like hair. I’d go with the Anastasia brow wiz if that is what you are hoping to achieve with your eyebrow pencil. I have really thick eyebrows so the Hourglass product works well for me in helping create a good shape.



The one item that has been in my makeup bag the longest is my eyeliner. I started wearing MAC’s eye kohl in shade Teddy when I was about 15 years old and here i am now, still wearing the same eyeliner. Its the prettiest bronzey brown and I like that it gives me just enough definition around my lash line, but its certainly not a precision eyeliner. It glides on really smoothly and can be blended in well with eyeshadow for a smokey eye. I personally don’t like a harsh black liner so this is why I keep going back to this eye pencil.


To be honest, I constantly bounce around with mascara. I’ve used high end and drugstore and don’t notice a drastic enough difference on one particular tube to stick with it. I used Benefit’s They’re Real for a few years and think thats a great product and I also really like Tarte’s Lights Camera Lashes. Both of the wand applicators of these tubes have really short, firm bristles so it really helps prevent clumping and enhances the length. I currently am using Benefit’s Roller Lash because so many beauty bloggers I like believe it’s the best. I like it, but I don’t love it. Some days its awesome and other days it gets clumpy on me. Maybe its my humid climate? Regardless…just buy a tube of whatever you like..ha!


95% of the time, I am wearing Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in shade Petal. These lip treatments are ultra hydrating (think of it like a really smooth chapstick) and I think the shade Petal is the perfect pink-ey neutral. On the days I’m not in a rush, I’ll line my lips with Chanel’s Precision Lip Definer in shade Modore. It really does make my lips look fuller when I line just around the edge of my lips. I typically blend the liner into my lips a bit with my finger so the line isn’t as harsh but ironically skipped that step today so the line is much more noticeable in these photos than I would prefer.

Items I like but don’t use everyday:

Becca Illuminating Setting Powder:

Becca Shimmering Pressed Powder Highlighter


You can find all the products I mentioned in this post linked here. Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions. I’m always happy to connect with you and help in anyway I can!