First Trimester with our Third


We’re expecting! I found out at the beginning of September and we were equal parts thrilled and terrified, ha! It’s always an adjustment when you add a new baby into the family but hopefully we know (slightly more) what we are doing the third time around!

This has certainly been my most difficult pregnancy so far, probably for a few reasons but our life during my first trimester was CRAZY. Our apartment flooded, we moved to a temporary apartment three weeks shy of moving into our house, we were wrapping up the house reno project that required a lot of details and making lots of trips to Home Depot for odds and ends and then getting sick with some sort of virus that lasted over 2 weeks. My exhaustion was at a level I’ve never experienced and I would literally fall asleep in my daughters bed every night around 8 PM when I would lay with her and then wake up hours later and wander into our bed…I was lucky to get my teeth brushed and a shower at the end of most days!

I started feeling crummy around 8 weeks (right when we moved into the temporary apartment) and it took until 16 weeks to get my energy/normal appetite back. I thought for sure once I hit the 14 week mark, I would be magically myself again but alas, it took those additional two weeks to finally be able to stay up until 9 PM.


Give me alllll the salty things! I didn’t have one consistent item that craved, but rather it seemed to change week by week. At first it was Cheez-it’s, then salt and pepper chips, then pimento cheese with ritz crackers, Asian food (particularly pad thai) and sadly, coca cola. I normally have a pretty good sweet tooth and it has been 100% absent these past two months. Literally I would wait in the car while Dwight and the kids would go get ice cream at our favorite place. My lowest point was sitting in front of the open fridge at 11 PM eating pimento cheese out of the tub, ha! I think I was about 9 weeks then. I had to eat two breakfasts most days (LOTS of bagels and breakfast sandwiches!) and my kids were loving my frequent stops to Einstein’s.


I think I’ve already covered a lot of this topic but it was extreme to say the least. There were days on the weekends when Dwight was home to help with the kids that I would wake up (after sleeping almost 11 hours) and eat something for breakfast and go back to bed. Completing my normal daily tasks in caring for the kids felt so so hard at times (hence falling asleep in Sutton’s bed) and I had to lie down in the afternoons when Quint napped so needless to say, Sutton has watched far more tv shows and movies than ever before. Hey, its what I had to do to get through the day! I don’t think she’s minded it too much though.

Morning Sickness

I haven’t been “sick” really with any of my pregnancies, but its more so just all day nausea. I actually tended to feel the best in the mornings and would progressively feel worse and worse as the day went on. By 5 PM, I was so ready for the day to be done and few things sounded appetizing to eat. Fortunately we were living in the temporary apartment during this time and all of our things were in boxes so we pretty much ate out everyday…which was a life saver to not have to cook. The few times I would throw up were induced from brushing my teeth in the mornings (this happened with all three pregnancies).

Due Date and Will We Find Out?

I’m due in the middle of May (another May baby for us!) and YES! We will find out what we are having at my 20 week ultrasound. I’m 17 weeks and can feel the baby moving now…my favorite! It’s always amazing to me! We have actually selected a name that we will use regardless if its a boy or a girl and since we already have one of each, we will be thrilled either way. Sutton is convinced its a girl (and has been praying for over a year for a sister!) and we all actually think she might be right. This pregnancy has been most similar to Sutton’s so I’m feeling it is a girl too.

I think that about wraps it all up! We are so excited and pray for this little baby every day.


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