A Mom’s Guide To What To Wear To Disney World


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Knowing what to pack for a vacation can always feel a little stressful, right? And packing for multiple days straight at a theme park where the weather can be alllll over the place can only compound that! We have had annual passes for two years now and have taken many day trips with our two kiddos (4 and 2) on days with ALL kinds of weather. Cold, hot, rainy, muggy, you name it (except for snow)…we’ve experienced it at WDW. Chances are if you are reading this post, you already have all of your kids outfits planned (and coordinated) but may be wondering what to wear yourself as the mom. I’ve put together this little guide to hopefully help give you an idea as to what the ideal pieces you need to have in your suitcase when you visit the Mouse’s house.

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What is the dress at Disney?

Two words: Matching. T-Shirts. 😉 (Its not my thing but most people LOVE to have the entire family in coordinating outfits)

First of all, Disney is VERY casual so unless you plan on sneaking away for an adult evening or a nice dinner, there is no need to bring multiple changes of clothes. You will likely sweat throughout the day unless you are visit during the winter months, but even during our trip in February, it was in the high 80’s and quite warm.

I have never been a super casual dressing kind of girl so its no surprise that even a day spent at a theme park, I like to have somewhat of a put together outfit. Obviously comfort is key and you will be on your feet all day long so I recommend starting with your shoes first.


90% of the time I choose sneakers and alternate between my On’s, nikes or converse. On really warm days, I like to wear sandals but make sure you can be comfortable walking several miles in them (and sunscreen your feet!) I recently got a pair of vionic sneakers and they are AMAZING. I wore them on our most recent trip and my feet didn’t hurt once the entire day. The comfort technology combined with their dedication to making a stylish shoe is the perfect option in my opinion. I also feel this way about my On Cloud running shoes. I’ve linked several pairs by vionic below or you can click here.


shop this photo:


If the weather is nice, I opt for my black leggings but if its warm, I always choose shorts. Typically I wear a pair of J Crew chinos and pair it with a cute top. You also can’t go wrong with a good denim short and if you want something more athletic, these are a perfect black athletic short.



I have also enjoyed wearing a cozy tee shirt dress on warmer days. Places like Target and Old Navy always have some great ones to choose from that are at a good price point. I also really love Cabana Life’s dresses as they are made with material that is UPF 50 so its perfect for those long days in the sun.


shop this photo

Sun Protective Hat

The sun is intense here in Florida so a good sunhat is really beneficial to have. I have loved this one by Tuckernuck that is also packable so it’s perfect to throw in a suitcase without worrying about it becoming bent or disfigured. I wear it on most visits to Disney and would love to get one with the cream ribbon as well. I like this one and this one has been my new favorite hat this summer.

this photo is obviously not at disney (we were in Ireland here), but the only photo I have of me in this rain jacket I really like because…who has time to take a picture when its ACTUALLY raining and you need the rain jacket, ha!

this photo is obviously not at disney (we were in Ireland here), but the only photo I have of me in this rain jacket I really like because…who has time to take a picture when its ACTUALLY raining and you need the rain jacket, ha!

Rain Gear

Rain in Florida is very common, especially in the summer months, but it is typically short showers so its not enough to cancel the day. A poncho really is the most practical item but if you want something a little more….ehem, fashionable ;), I love this Joules lightweight raincoat. Its super thin and the length comes to your mid thigh which is nice for more coverage. There are so many cute patterns it comes in, too.

Jacket vs. Sweat Shirt

If you are visiting during the cooler months, a great sweatshirt that you can tie around your waist is a good alternative to an actual jacket. You want to keep your stuff you have to carry around to a minimum so this form of layers is best so you aren’t schleping around a coat draped over your arm.

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What’s in my bag? What kind of bag to I carry?

When it comes to a bag, I either carry my quilted metro tote or my lightweight purse (which albeit is large since it also doubles as a diaper bag). If my husband is with me, he carries a backpack. I make sure to empty my bag out of anything unnecessary for the day and keep it paired down to the bare essentials:



-a few small snacks (don’t pack a ton of snacks. Your kids will want the Mickey ice cream bar, pop corn and other goodies you can get at the park.) I usually do a few granola bars (ones that won’t melt!) , fruit leather strips, fruit pouches, nuts, raisins, or anything that can hold up well outside on a long day in warm humid weather.

water bottles. There are water fountains all over the park to replenish your bottle. I often as for ice at some of the beverage stands too.

diapers. Little tip if you are visiting with babies/toddlers: There are Huggies Baby Care Centers at each park you can go to nurse/feed/change diapers. Be sure to familiarize yourself with them so you can take advantage of it.

wipes/hand sanitizer.

*updating this list to include a mask!

Make sure whatever you decide to carry has a zipper. You don’t want things flying out on rides!

Face Mask


I am amending this post to reflect the current times and the requirement of a face mask for children ages 2 and up. This policy is strictly enforced (I witnessed cast members at the park entrance graciously working with a family who had a young child that wasn’t wanting to wear a mask to help coax her into wearing one in order to enter…thankfully she did end up putting it on) so be sure you and your children are ready and prepared to exclusively wear the masks at all times unless eating or drinking while stationary/sitting down. There are signs and regular park announcements stating that if you do not comply, you will be asked to leave. Neck gaiters, open-chin triangle bandanas and face coverings containing valves, mesh material or holes of any kind are not acceptable face coverings. I personally preferred the breathability of simple surgical mask that I could dispose of at the end of everyday since it got gross and sweaty and my kids like the ID&C 5 pack that come with a lanyard to wear around their neck. Make sure you have extras in case you lose one!

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shop the stroller


I would suggest renting or bringing your stroller if you kids are under the age of 6. The days are long at the park and both you and your kids will appreciate having the stroller as their means of transportation. Even my 6 year old niece wanted to ride last year while we were there and fortunately the kick board on my stroller was the perfect option for her.

Items for Kids


rain gear

disney inspired outfits

Disney Kids T-Shirts

Ultimately, you want to be comfortable and have FUN so don’t stress too much about what you will wear. And in case you do find yourself in need of something you didn’t pack, there are gift shops full of anything and everything you could possibly need right there in case of whatever weather emergency comes your way. Seriously, you can buy a stinking Patagonia jacket in Epcot at Norway!

Hope you found this helpful 🙂


Disney Inspired Shirts

*Here are a few of my favorite places to shop at for items that work not only great for Disney but cute casual wear as well. Everything I’m wearing in the photos of this post came from these retailers:

J Crew

Nordstrom Rack


Old Navy


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