2019 Goals


New year resolutions have never really appealed to me as it makes me feel more stressed than motivated (because I’m an enneagram 9) but I do recognize it’s a good time to start fresh and establish a few goals to reach for within that year. My plate feels full as it is so I didn’t want to add anything beyond what would be realistically attainable, so I decided that a few simple things would be feasible.

  1. Drink more water. I have been so bad about this and have felt the side effects (ehem…dehydration!) of not prioritizing getting enough water on a daily basis. I have carried a water bottle with me pretty much everywhere for the past 2 years so I shoot to drink around 2-3 of those a day. I realize i should still drink more than that but like I said…attainable goals! Adding lime and ice (lots and lots of ice) have helped make this easier.

  2. Read through the Bible from beginning to end. Sadly it’s taken me this long in my personal faith journey to prioritize this but this is the year I am intentionally putting forth the effort and commitment to seeing this through. I’m currently on day 15 and using the She Read’s Truth app on my phone. I love how easy and convenient it is. I’ve been really surprised at how much I am enjoying the Old Testament…I can’t wait to jump back in where I left off the day before.

  3. Read more in general. I have a kindle full of books waiting to be read. I read The Nightingale just before Christmas and I’m currently in the midst of Just Mercy with Grace Based Discipline, Triggers: Exchanging Parents’ Angry Reactions for Gentle Biblical Responses and A Man Called Ove all waiting to be read. Let me know if you have any must reads I can add!

  4. Put down my phone (you can read more about that here). Reading through the Bible and other books are certainly helping make this more attainable.

  5. Exercise. Yeah, haven’t done this yet but put it on here for good measure! It wouldn’t be a true 2019 goals list without it, right?

  6. Be quick to encourage and apologize. I feel like a lot of mom’s probably deal with this on one level or another but it is so easy to become a “don’t do that,” “ stop doing this” and just being overall quick tempered. This can often overflow into how I speak with my husband and I want to be more aware of how I am treating those closest to me when no one is watching. It’s easy for me to be on my best behavior when I’m in public but I shouldn’t allow myself to become harsh and angry in the walls of my own home. I am memorizing Ephesians 4:29-32 to help with this.

So there you go! A non goal setter’s goals! What are you hoping to accomplish in this year?